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Masterlist of all my Avengers fanction that I have posted to my Dreamwidth account. The majority of it is in response to prompts on kink memes. Don't judge me for it, alright? Summaries are provided for multi-chaptered fics along with the pairing; if the fic is complete, it will be marked as such.

Cuts lead to different types of fics and links are included if the fic or challenge in question has a masterlist of its own. I hope that this is helpful.

Ratings, where necessary (if higher than pg13) are also indicated.

One-Shots & Drabbles

Losing to Let Go [ Steve x Tony ]
The Nile Isn't Just in Egypt [ Steve x Tony ]
Never Again [ Steve x Tony ]
Of the Unknown Shield [ Steve x Tony ]
The Sounds of You Breathing [ Steve x Tony ]
In This Grey World [ Steve x Tony ]
Waiting for the Dawn [ Steve x Tony ]
Already Caught [ Steve x Tony ]
No Quiet Here [ Thor x Bruce ]
feeling you beside me [ Thor x Bruce ]
Not As Planned [ Steve x Tony ]
Making Christmas [ Clint x Coulson x Natasha ]
Prettiest Sight to See [ Thor x Bruce ]
Sings Out the Miles [ Steve x Tony ; Thor x Bruce ]
last for a lifetime [ Thor x Bruce ]
no right answer [ Thor x Bruce ]
just because it burns [ Thor x Bruce ]
the ticking clock hand [ Thor x Bruce ]
no such thing as happy endings [ Thor x Bruce ]
a hidden heat [ Thor x Bruce ]
be the silent night [ Thor x Bruce ]
come closer (come closer) [ Steve x Tony ]
all we are, we are [ Thor x Bruce ]
boom boom boom [ Thor x Bruce ]
Seeking Attention [ Clint Barton x Phil Coulson ]
Heat [ Thor x Bruce ] nc17
beyond the limit [ Thor x Bruce ]
shone like a light [ Thor x Bruce ]
awaken the light [ Thor x Bruce ]
all that i live for [ Thor x Bruce ]
never knowing (what could be) [ Thor x Bruce ]
write my name upon the sky [ Thor x Bruce ]
fight fear (worth it every time) [ Steve x Tony ; Thor x Bruce ]
into your sunlight [ Thor x Bruce ]
this day's ending [ Thor x Bruce ]
words carry on [ Thor x Bruce ]
all these walls come crumbling down [ Thor x Bruce ]
see the way to fire [ Thor x Bruce ]
here again (a thousand miles) [ Rhodey + Sif ]
staring out (into the night) [ Sam x Bucky ]
the night is brief [ Thor x Bruce ] nc17
take all the courage [ Sam x Bucky ]

Challenges & Claims

30 Days of Writing Masterlist [ Thor x Bruce ]
Gamma Table ~ 13drabbles [ Steve x Tony ] COMPLETE
Delta Table ~ 13drabbles [ Clint x Coulson x Natasha ]


How a Heart Breaks Thor and Loki are a bonded pair but unaware of it. But when Thor is exiled and begins to fall for Jane, it starts tearing at the bond, slowly killing Loki. [ Thor x Jane ; Thor x Loki ] COMPLETE
« Part 1Part 2 »

Something of Tomorrow Your soul-mate's name appears on your wrist the moment they're born. Steve's wrist has been blank his entire life. Tony's gone through life with the name of a dead man on his. The first thing Steve notices when he wakes up in the 21st century is the fact that his wrist now says Anthony Stark. Things get a little hectic after that. [ Steve x Tony ; Clint x Coulson x Natasha ; Thor x Bruce ]
« Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6 • Part 7 • Part 8 »

The Tales Men Tell Bruce never expected a god – he never expected anyone. Thor never expected a soulmate. Now they've each got a name that they never thought they would have. Side-story to Something of Tomorrow [ Thor x Bruce ]
« Part 1 • Part 2 »

erase them with this sound Somehow, it always seems to be Tony's luck that things never seem to go quite right when he really wants them to. [ Steve x Tony ]
« Part 1 • Part 2 »


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