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Title: complete
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIV
Prompt: 037. complete
Pairing: Aymeric/Durae (WoL)/Estinien
Words: 594 words


“May I speak with you, Master Arulaq?”

Durae smiles at Aymeric and nods, “Only if you promise not to call me ‘Master Arulaq’ again.”

Blinking, Aymeric chuckles softly, “Ah, of course.”

It’s simply the three of them in the Intercessory of Camp Dragonhead, Alphinaud and Haurchefant having already left. The third member of their little triad, Durae has learned, is named Estinien and he’s said very little throughout the meeting and now.

“Do stop dancing around,” Estinien says. “He has the final end of our strings. You don’t need to be so formal about it, Aymeric.”

“You can speak,” Durae says. He flushes, because Estinien’s voice is deep – much deeper than he could have expected – and makes his bones tremble deliciously.

“I’m not a mute.”

“Estinien, for once you could try to be polite,” Aymeric chides lightly. “Especially since our first meeting is… less than ideal.”

“I don’t mind. I didn’t… think that I would ever meet either of you.”

“We have been waiting for you,” Aymeric says. He takes both of Durae’s hands in his. “I had hoped that this would go better – be easier – for all of us, but no one can predict everything.”

“He’s here now.” Estinien steps away from the wall he’s been leaning against the entire time and makes his way around the table and over to them. So close, it’s easy to tell that he’s only a little taller than Durae and Aymeric, though it’s difficult to tell with his armour. “Make the most of it.”

“Such a way with words…” Aymeric shakes his head. He squeezes Durae’s hands, “Forgive us both, Durae, but I must return to Ishgard. But I will see you again soon, you have my word.”

Durae does not expect the kiss, which makes him freeze in place.

Aymeric’s lips are warm against his cheek, soft and smooth, and linger for a hair longer than would be considered polite. He smiles as he pulls away, squeezing Durae’s hands one last time, “I look forward to getting to know you better, Durae.”

He finds that he likes how Aymeric says his name, the way that it rolls off his tongue.


“There is nothing in the city for me,” Estinien says. “I will remain here, in Dragonhead. If there are any changes with the horde or heretics, I will know.”

Aymeric smiles, the edges of it soft and familiar, “Thank you, my love.”

Rather than kiss him, Aymeric lays a hand on Estinien’s shoulder, before he leaves the Intercessory. A silence settles between Durae and Estinien, one that the former doesn’t know how to break.

“You should rejoin your companion,” Estinien says, at last. “Before he becomes too full of words to hold them all in.”

Durae frowns, “Alphinaud isn’t that bad…”

“He thinks too much and holds himself in high opinion. The only one he holds higher is you,” Estinien states. “Best to keep him in check and on the ground where he belongs.”

“If you want to be rid of me, you only need to say so,” Durae says. “I understand that this can… be difficult, but–”

“You are right: this is difficult,” Estinien replies. “But only because I… am unsure how to behave. It’s easier with Aymeric.”

“I’m not expecting anything from you, Estinien. To me, it’s enough that you accept me. I cannot ask for anything more than that.”

Estinien says nothing, mouth still set in that stern, thin line. He stares at the ground for a long while, before his head tilts back up.

“... thank you.”


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