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Title: memory
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIV
Prompt: 093. memory
Pairing: Aymeric/Durae (WoL)/Estinien
Words: 414 words


Vengeance burns through him for the family he lost.

That day is forever burned into his memory, images that will never leave him no matter how long he lives.

He remembers his parents’ screams as Nidhogg’s flames consumed them. They echo at night in his dreams, keep him from the deep rest that he so craves. Avenge us, they whisper to him in the dead of night, in the moments where he thinks he might know peace.

Estinien knows that he will never know such a thing until Nidhogg lays slain at his feet. When his lance runs red with the great wyrm’s blood, then his duty to Ishgard ends – his vengeance fulfilled.

Sometimes, though, that becomes muddled.

Aymeric was first, tall, handsome, and as dutiful a man as any could wish for a son, in a soulmate. That he’s the bastard of the archbishop means little to Estinien – he came to him just as flawed, but so full of the belief that Ishgard could be better, that he could be better that it was impossible not to follow him.

He has never regretted that decision.

Then there is Durae.

He had always known that he had two strings – doubly blessed, his parents had told him. It stings to remember that, how proud and happy they had been for him when he’d revealed that to them. His fists clench and he shoves the memory back; it’s not the time.

But it’s different when faced with the truth of it all.

Durae is… sweet. Reminding him of his little brother, in some ways, because Durae is young. Oh, not by much, but he’s retained the sweet, honest nature of a child.

And he accepts whatever Estinien can give him.

It’s impossible not to be drawn in by him. And Estinien can see why Haurchefant considers him to be such a good friend. Wherever help is needed, he’s there, and his magic is more potent at healing than any Estinien has seen a chirurgeon use before. It’s fascinating, the power that he wields freely and easily – it comes to him like breathing.

Estinien watches, in the lead-up to the battle, and he will remember. Sometimes the vengeance isn’t enough, sometimes he needs to be reminded that there’s more to fight for than just avenging his family.

The memory of them burns at the thought: how could we not be enough?

Sometimes, he needs to be reminded that there is a brighter tomorrow.


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