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Title: I'm Possessed
Fandom: Resident Evil
Pairing: Wesker/Chris
Words: 375 words
Prompt: Hair!kink. Chris fixating on either Wesker or Leon's hair. Running his fingers through it, yanking it, gripping it, playing with it, etc. [ original prompt ]
i was as pure as a river, but now i think i'm possessed )

Inside You

Mar. 5th, 2017 09:14 pm
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Title: Inside You
Fandom: Resident Evil
Pairing: Jake/Piers & Wesker/Chris
Words: 1109 words
Rating: r
Prompt: Jake/Piers, implied Wesker/Chris. He is his fathers son in more ways than one [ original prompt ]
you should be right here laying next to me )
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Title: Without Words
Fandom: Resident Evil
Pairing: Jake/Piers & Wesker/Chris
Words: 18 227 words
Rating: r
Summary: In a world where you can't speak the first words your soulmate says to you, Piers and Jake are not exactly off to a good start. It gets better and worse from there.
stand by me, oh stand by me )
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Notes: Written for this prompt from the old Resident Evil kink meme. I... okay, well, this didn't actually turn out the way that I'd originally planned, so I'm actually planning a second fill for it. Except that one up... later. I have another prompt that I want to get up and finished today, but have a little something to wet your appetites.
Title: Similarities
Fandom: Resident Evil
Pairing: Jake/Piers; Chris/Wesker
Rating: r
Words: 516 words
i'm preying on you tonight )


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