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Masterlist of all of my Skyfall fanfiction. I'm importing it over from LJ cause I'm pissed off at the changes to journal formatting which is making it something of a pain to have a journal that is nothing but fanfiction.

Drabbles & One-Shots

burning red [ James Bond x Q ] r
Infuriating Agents [ James Bond x Q ]
the tender things (are those we fold away) [ James Bond x Q ]
language is a program [ James Bond x Q ]
let the shadows go [ James Bond x Q ]
so all must be well [ James Bond x Q ]
cold as the blood [ James Bond x Q ]
drift away like snow [ James Bond x Q ]
counting the ceilings [ James Bond + Q ]
sleep the hours (i can't weep) [ James Bond x Q ]
never meant you any harm [ James Bond x Q ]
Cool Professionalism [ James Bond x Q ]
you're waiting for me [ James Bond x Q ]

Multi-Chaptered Fic

Obscura When he woke up in a dungeon, it was only the start of this living nightmare he found himself in. The only ally that Q finds in this place is a wolf that isn't all he appears to be. As it stands, though, with him being chased after for something he doesn't know or understand, Q has one goal in mind: survive. COMPLETE
Warnings: Warnings are for blood, torture, violence, implied and threatened rape, threats of forced non-consensual impregnation, violence against animals, disturbing images of childbirth, character death, and other horror themes.
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